Defense Attorney Johnnie Simpson Murder Trial

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Defense Attorneys Today Kailen Alston Belcher English III Mrs. Wright 5 November 2015 Kailen Alston Belcher English III Mrs. Wright 5 November 2015 Defense Attorneys Today When people think of the OJ Simpson murder trial, they immediately think of his defense attorney Johnnie Cochran. At the height of his career Cochran earned an excess of ten million a year (Fabrikant). Defense attorneys, or criminal defense lawyer represents individuals or companies accused of criminal activity . Being a successful defense attorney requires years of education, dedication, and experience. Defense attorneys have a wide variety of responsibilities, from defending their clients, building a case, and presenting the cases that they have built in court. First the defense attorney is presented with a case, and they have to decide if their case is strong enough to represent. After the decision is made to represent the client or not a case has to be built. Attorneys must work long and tiring hours to build a case strong enough to hold up in court. Defense attorneys must familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of the case before they can start building a defense(Read Write Think). Defense attorneys can work for an individual client, or work for the government as a public defender (Bureau of Labor Statistics). When presenting the case to the judge and jury, defense attorneys must be confident with the case that they are presenting. Attorneys must use hand gestures and

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