Defense Attorney Research Paper

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It is very obvious that the relationship between defense attorneys and their clients is very important; getting along could be a difficult task. It is the sad truth that clients do not appreciate some defense attorneys, and sometimes they can be disrespectful if they do not get to the objective they want. Many attorneys drop the case because they cannot deal with their clients, not to mention that some of these defense attorneys need to sell their selves to their clients. “Refusal to cooperate, deception, and dishonesty are serious problems public attorneys face in dealing with their clients” (Neubauer, pg. 189). As a defense attorney, it is the attorney’s responsibility to obtain key information and grasp all the evidence possible to best…show more content…
Although defense attorneys have their own opinions about their clients, defendants in general “view their lawyers with suspicion” (Neubauer, pg. 189). Most defendants believe that appointed attorneys and private attorneys a bit arrogant considering that they have been “chosen” to provide for the case. As to public defenders, defendants believe that they will not assist them to the best of their ability or work hard enough because they get paid winning or loosing the case. Defendants have very little trust and confidence in their defense attorneys. Attorneys also may face a lot of pressure from personal relationships such as friends and family. Clients having personal relationship involved in the case can built up a conflict between the client and attorney because friends and family may disapprove of the representation. “Personal relationships represent an important source of client referrals—and some people may no longer recommend a lawyer who represented a serial rapist” (Laufenberg, 2005). Putting all of the distrust from both the attorney and client, the attorney has duties that they owe to their clients: zealous representation, abide clients decisions, keeping the client informed of every movement, confidentiality, and avoids conflict of
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