Defense Intelligence Agency And Military Intelligence

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The Defense Intelligence agency is a United States intelligence agency that provides foreign military intelligence operating under the jurisdiction of the Department of Defense. According to its website it is “Department of Defense combat support agency that produces analyses and disseminates military intelligence information.” The foreign military intelligence like political assessments, troop movements, diplomatic changes etc. are distributed among the policy makers, defense officials, combat commanders and other intelligence agencies. The headquarters of the DIA is situated at Joint Base Anacostia Building, Washington DC and was formed in 1961. It employs approximately 7,500 staff worldwide. The Director of the DIA is at least a three star military general. The DIA was formed with the intention of creating a centralized single point access to all defense military intelligence information. Before the formation of the DIA the Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Military Intelligence board would do their own collection, analysis and distribution of information using both military and civilian intelligence officers (Defense Intelligence Agency, 2014). They would help in the deciding the defense intelligence policy. The function of DIA encompasses five main operations: 1. Gather human source information 2. Analyze technical information (crunching of information using computers) 3. Distribution of intelligence/ reports to intelligence agencies 4. Provide
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