Defense Logistics Information Service Business Impact Analysis

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Introduction to the Department of Defense / Defense Logistics Agency / Defense Logistics Information Service Business Impact Analysis (BIA) The purpose of the DLIS BIA will be to provide a Business Impact Analysis based on information previously submitted and authorized in the DLIS Risk Analysis (RA) and Risk Mitigation (RM) plan. The BIA will identify CBFs, MAO for each CBF, costs and requirements for each CBF A Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is a methodology used to determine the effect of an interruption of services to DLIS and its total impact on the DLIS mission within the DLA. The analysis provides valuable information on the short- and long-term effects of a disaster. DLIS operations are comprised of a variety of interconnected tasks and process that are focused on providing vital logistical information to the DLA and therefore DOD. The first order of business is development of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) it is vital to first understand the business processes and its impact on the DLA and DOD. While not all tasks and processes are deemed critical, all of the inter-related operations of the DLIS are requisite to service the mission. Services that directly impact the ability of the DLIS to meet its operational exigencies such as DOD Readiness Command, DOD Joint Military Combat Operations Task Force Support, international or national coordinated activities are considered mission critical. While other services, although important, must be made available in a
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