Defense Mechanism: How To Get Away With Murder

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Finally, the writer concludes that the characters in How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 are operating defense mechanism consciously. Defense mechanism leads them to decrease all of the anxious feeling that they got. Several actions can be defined as several types of defense mechanism. They are also succesfully surviving from those anxious feeling. Annalise Keating and Keating’s 4, are showing us many types of Defense Mechanism as Sigmund Freud said in Defense Mechanism theory. BIBLIOGRAPHY Abrams. M.H. A Glossary of Literary Terms. 7th edition. Massachusetts: Heinle& Heinle.1999. Ebook.Web. 11 December 2016 Benyahia, Sarah Casey and Freddy Gaffney and Jon White. AS Film Studies The Essential Introduction. New York: Routledge

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