Defense Mechanisms And The Defense Mechanism

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Everyone has a few coping techniques to reduce anxiety from unacceptable or even harmful impulses. These coping techniques are performed unconsciously and they are known as defense mechanisms. When a body uses a defense mechanism they are attempting to distort, deny, or manipulate their reality to defend their self-schema. There are a few different types of defense mechanisms many of which classified by Anna Freud that would later appear in the works of Sigmund Freud. The psychiatrist George Eman Vaillant introduced a way of organizing the mechanisms into a system of levels. The level system is as follows: level I is about pathological defences, level II explains immature defences, level III neurotic defences, and lastly level IV mature defences. An individual could use multiple different defense mechanisms from different levels though. For example a person could be using an immature defense mechanism such as regression and a mature mechanism like humor. This essay will delve into the description of these levels and the defense mechanisms they contain. Pathological defenses usually occur from someone who unconsciously preserves their traditional aspects of life. They will think very totalistic and rigidly since they are trying to preserve what they believe they won’t make any compromises. One pathological defense mechanism would be projection. Projection occurs when someone has a value that says they should act a certain way, then their value is challenged and

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