Essay on Defense Policy

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Defense Policy The United States of America is one of the most powerful countries in the world. This power is a direct result of the careful planning of policies that will govern the direction that the country goes. An effective defense policy is very important in assuring the safety of the citizens in the country and assuring a commanding position within the international community. In accordance, it is important that the United States should adopt a defense policy, so that they seek to form a coalition of strong allies in which they are the sole superpower so that in essence, they may control the whole international community. Before being able to actively pursue this defense policy and act powerful, we must make ourselves…show more content…
More money in the budget will mean more money to fund programs and organizations such as the military, nuclear research, and adequate intelligence agencies that will be able to identify and minimize other threats that are yet to be known. These are just a few areas that require funding so that the United States could attain and then maintain power both within the country and in the international community. Along with funding programs, it would also be good for the citizens to see that the country has a successful economy. A prosperous economy will produce positive feeling amongst the citizens and also create a better morale within the country. Along with this good morale, a strong economy will show citizens that the government is making the right decisions for the country and that will make the citizens gain more confidence in the government. Having more money will also allow the United States to gain more influence within the international community. Once they gain the ability to influence other countries, it is possible to work on minimizing the threats coming from the international community such as the threat of nuclear war. The threat of nuclear war is a very real and dangerous prospect. According to the United States State Department in Time magazine, many countries including Britain, China, France, India, Pakistan, Russia, and Israel have nuclear capabilities. The United States should work on eliminating the threat of nuclear
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