Defense, Protection from Extinction, and Intelligence Can Be Essential for All Animals

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Recently, there have been many articles relating to animals and their survival skills. Also, many researchers have been focusing on the daily life of a species and how well they can cooperate with both their neighbors and the wildlife surrounding them. Many have found that animals are much smarter than they are thought to be. They have a lot of potential which most species use to the fullest of their ability. For example, Allegra Staples wrote an article explaining how some spiders have recently been duplicating themselves with findings from their habitat to scare away any predators that may come their way. Also, Meera Dolasia wrote about several naturalists that have decided to travel to Tasmania so they are able to search for the extinct Tasmanian tiger because of all the reported sightings around Australia. The following articles show just how far various animal species have come over the years.

It is necessary for everyone to be aware of animals and insects when they are becoming extinct, especially if there is something people can do to help the species have living representatives. For example, in the article “Naturalists Begin Search For ‘Extinct’ Tasmanian Tiger”, Meera Dolasia puts forth that the Tasmanian tiger has been known as extinct for over 20 years, yet many have reported sights of them recently. This article mentions how the reason of the rapid decrease of the population is a dangerous tumor that appears on the tiger, causing them to get a
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