Essay about Defense of Marriage Act

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The LGBT communities have been and continue to struggle with equal rights with their straight counterparts. Many people will argue the notion that they support the LGBT community and feel they should have equal rights as heterosexual individuals; however how many of them will agree that LGBT communities should have the right to marry, adopt, etc. The minute the issue of marriage is brought up, many people will argue that marriage is a union between man and woman. Same sex marriage or marriage among the LGBT community is an issue dating back to the 1970’s. Some people will argue for same sex marriage/marriage among the LGBT community, stating marriage should be a union between two people no matter what their sexual preference is.…show more content…
This act was passed to define and protect the institution of marriage which is supposed to be “between a man and a woman”. As a tactic, the state of Vermont promoted same sex marriages by labeling them as “civil unions” (Schowengerdt, 2002). The state of Vermont felt civil unions would provide gays and lesbians with the same financial benefits as heterosexual couples (Stewart, 2004). In 1998, Hawaii’s stated legislation implemented the DOMA amendment that altered the state’s constitution and rejected same sex marriages (Schowengerdt, 2002). Between 1995 and 2000, 28 states passed laws preventing the recognition of same sex marriages (Schowengert, 2002). The purpose of the DOMA was to prevent gays and lesbians from “exporting same sex marriages to other states” (Finnis, 1997). A Florida Federal Judge denied two women recognition of their marriage which took place in Massachusetts. As a result of this denial, attemtps were made to force other states and the federal government to recognize same sex marriages in states where it is legal (Stewart, 2003). Same sex marriages have both pros and cons. With this issue, it seems society is more concerned about the physical and moral issues behind it. Same sex partners are trying to seek the same benefits as heterosexual couples. By keeping the DOMA in effect in all states, same sex partners will be
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