Defense of "The Passion of the Christ" Against Charges of Anti-Semitism

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So it was thought there was nothing more to be written or said about Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. Wrong. The controversial motion picture The Passion of the Christ has been at the height of discussion since first word of its inception. Throughout history both Christians and Jews have been at odds and many have taken their passions, perceptions, and perversions of the Cross of Christ to the extreme. The core issue is that the Jews have been blamed for the death of Jesus Christ. The movie Passion of the Christ portrayed the last twelve hours of Christ's life before and up to the crucifixion. Religious leaders around the world where petrified that this re-enactment on the big screen would fuel the fire of hatred towards…show more content…
The Passion of the Christ does depict Jesus offering forgiveness, extending love, practicing grace and renouncing retaliation. This film reveals that it was not the Jews alone who took Jesus Christ to the cross, but all mankind, "for all have sinned" (Romans 3:23).

The Passion of the Christ does graphically depict the violent, sadistic torture Jesus endured for our sins, but what took place that day can never truly be re-enacted. Some individuals are stating that the Passion of the Christ was grotesquely violent and did not need to be portrayed in such a manner. The Passion is an exceptional manifestation of the certainty of the love of God and the brutal repercussions that it sometimes causes (Assist News Service 2003). How can the scripture be accurately portrayed if it is sugar coated because people hate to see the truth. Films are about impact, imagery, visceral response, and imprinting unforgettable visual effects. This films leaves much more than a visual impact, for it changes people's lives, after seeing what Jesus went through for mankind. People are able to sit thru the most gut wrenching, blood bath horror movies ever conceived by mankind, because of their twisted fairytale meaning for entertainment. When it comes to hearing and seeing the truth it is called, too violent? The Passion of the Christ was not by any means as graphic as the representation in the

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