Defensive Developmentalism Is A Long Thought Of Tactic Used Centuries Ago

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Defensive developmentalism is a long thought of tactic used centuries ago by two wise men known by the names of Mehmet Ali and Rafia Rifi al-Tahtawi. Defensive developmentalism is a tactic used by high ranking people such as the ones previously stated to create a better and healthier economy in their terms by reforming the military and increasing revenue which will lead to them gaining both land and power as well as more revenue. In this case, Mehmet Ali whom used this tactic succeeded at first by demanding a surplus of cotton to be grown while it was advanced in that area, therefore there was no competition in this market so he imposed high tariffs as well on imported goods. Momentarily, all was well during the early to late 18th century according to Mehmet’s defensive developmentalists ideas as the revenue was rolling in consistently. Then, shortly after Mehmet’s death, the U.S. followed up with a civil war which lasted about 4 years and shortly after it ended, the U.S. had a large increase in cotton exportation at faster rates due to better technologies and better prices. This enforced Egypt’s economy into a state of bankruptcy which left them vulnerable and just soon after, Britain obtained Egypt and had full authority which lead to a plummet in Egypt’s dignity. This all funnels down to the main idea which is that even though defensive developmentalism may have created short term benefits, the long term costs outweigh the benefits immensely which was shown in this
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