Defensive Posture Of The United States

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defensive posture of the United States, their ability to plan for attacks on the United States may become diminished to the point of unsuccessful operations. (JCS 2015, pg.)
The target of the counterterror operations in the military strategy is the terror groups themselves, and with the Handel method, the use of altering the perceptions that the enemy has can also alter their ability to conduct attacks in middle east or even operate openly. By targeting the leadership with these deception operations and altering the way the way they receive intelligence and also plan, can result in degradation of their ground operations as well as making it appear that the leadership is without the ability to lead effectively. (JCS 2015, pg.6) By making the enemy conduct the operations in ways that would affect their ability to mass their forces or where the can concentrate their fighters, the idea that the legitimacy of the fighting force could be diminished making for a loss of support. (JCS 2015, pg. 6)
The first argument in support of this model is the ability to make the enemy concentrate forces mistakenly in an area where they would be susceptible to defeat or overwhelming power. (Bennet Waltz 2007, pg. 30) This is accomplished through Handel’s proposed use of misdirection, where making the attention of the terror leaders being taken to another place would make them conduct a strategic mistake leading to a defeat and loss of legitimacy. The con of this argument, is determining how the
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