Deficiency And Sufficiency Of Critical Factors Greatly Affect Attrition And Leverage Retention

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Deficiency and Sufficiency of Critical Factors Greatly affect Attrition and leverage Retention (in IT Companies) – A Case Study of IT Companies in India Abstract The IT/ITES sector is the backbone of Indian economy. It earns lot of foreign income to boost the Indian economy. Even in the economic turmoil over the globe, particularly in developed countries, though this sector had little affected, could come out successfully managing the entire economic imbroglio. High attrition in the IT/ITES industry has always been its greatest concern and a subject of much analysis and debate. Organizations use different methodologies for calculating their attrition rate. HR experts feel that it is a know factor that attrition calculation is gray area which does not always depict the true picture while a few techniques are common there are no proven theories yet. Further, the approach to this calculation might vary from organization to organization. The Tamil Nadu, Particularly, Chennai is considered to be one of the biggest IT hubs in India having presence of very big IT companies. The availability of skilled employees with cheap labour cost in Tamil Nadu is an important reason. AT the same time the rate of attrition are also felt in these companies. Presently, Tier II cities like Madurai, and Coimbatore were taken place in the IT map. The employee retention is also felt in the IT companies situated in Madurai also. In this context, the researchers, attempted to find out the reasons for
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