Deficit Model Essay

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Reflect on the author's writings about Deficit Models and discuss why is it problematic for teachers to view their students using this lens.
Deficit model usually involves with poor poverty students. Deficit model influences the teacher’s view and thoughts about some students. For example, some teachers often think that poor students do not care about education. This is a big problem in school because it is not fair for low income students. Since teacher’s views on poor students differently compare to the rest of the students, they also get treated differently too. This is not fair that some teachers judge or assume about their student’s based on how poor or how wealthy they are.
Reflect on the author's writings about Funds of Knowledge and name at least one
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Why or why not?
Yes, I have judge others people based on their identity. I believe it happen because of social influences. For example, I used to be scared of African American men before because one bullied me. This makes me afraids of most Black men, but now I understand that everyone is different and I can’t judge them based on their looks.
Write a specific migroaggression you have been a victim of. What message does this convey to you? How does it make you feel?
I have been a victim of microaggression in Middle school. Since the majority of the students are white and hispanic, they were very racist toward me. They would pick on me because of my ethnicity and would make fun of me. People would say “ Open your eyes, it is so chinky”. This makes me feel uncomfortable and self conscious to go to school.
What can we do? Rewrite the message in a way that is not a microaggression, and in the future, be very aware of "intent versus impact" maybe our intent is not to hurt others, but if we cause harm, we must consider the impact of our words.
I believe people need to acknowledge about other people’s race and color skin to avoid racism and hurtful
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