Define Acculturation

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Defining the concept
To start off this essay, I will define the concepts of “acculturation” and “psychological acculturation”, this will make it easier to understand the points that will be made throughout the rest of the text. To define the concept, classic definitions of it will be used, as well as a certain researchers’ definition of it.
What is acculturation?
According to John W. Berry (2005) , acculturation is the cultural and psychological double-process, that be due to two or more cultures’ representatives meeting. It can be separated into individual- and societal-level. In the societal level, acculturation is associated with changes in social structure. This usually includes the learning of a new language, food habits, dressing code and behavior. Sometimes the process can be easy, but other times it can cause rough collisions and stress.
The classic definition of acculturation is the phenomena, in which groups of individuals from different cultures continually meet. This causes change in one or more culture. In another definition, made later by the Social Research Council (1954), acculturation is the change of culture between two or more independent cultural systems. The acculturation can be caused by a direct change of culture or by non-cultural factors, like ecologic or
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The previously mentioned investigator, Berry wants to differ from each other the terms of “general acculturation” and “psychological acculturation”, because even when general acculturation affects a certain group, there are some individual changes, which can be explained through psychological acculturation. This can manifest itself very differently, even in individuals of the same family. (Graves, 1967, 318; Berry, 2005,
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