Define Heroic Behavior

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Who is a hero? What is a hero? A hero is someone who has courage and stands up for others. That is a hero. Heros are all over the place.You can find heros right in front of you. Even you could be a hero. Hero's face challenges in their life even though they are a hero. Even though hero's face challenges we do to, there is nothing different except they save us. Even though other people are a hero doesn't stop you from being a hero so if you want to change the world then change the world because no one will stop you. Who is a hero you're in real life time that stands today?

How do you define heroic behavior? Well define means to state the precise meaning or meanings of a word or a phrase and heroic means having or showing the qualities of
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Well this is my hero he helped my family in a difficult situation. How do you define a hero someone that you can look up to. How do you define heroic behavior someone who does for others before themselves. What are some examples of heroic behavior Honest,Consistent,and forgiving. How did my hero connect with his hero's well his heroes are God,MA,and Walt Disney. So my hero connects with his heros, he met MA and Walt Disney because of Mickey Mouse. Does my hero have more than one hero yes,he does because the is more than one hero that he admires.Still people are yet another type of hero as emerged. What do hero’s believe and thought was correct and it is right. Do hero’s or did hero’s think at the moments or during they were in episodes. Hero’s come in and forms in life,ranging from one family and friends to athletes to movie. People change over time and hero’s. They also have true embodiments of heroism. Even though hero’s have done what we think is beyond us. I know were overseas while their wives were pregnant and now are temporarily are separated from their younger children. People's actions tell us that it is possible to do big things. People call them a hero and we are compelled to connect with hero’s. Many times a hero does not understand why they are being exalted. Many times a hero overcomes a change or a challenge. In the dictionary the word define is a “hero” as “a person” of distinguished,courage or ability. They admired for his or her braver and deeds,noble qualities.It seems to have intensified in the hero’s
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