Define Leadership And Contrast Leadership And Management

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1. Define leadership and contrast leadership and management. What do you consider the 3 most important differences between leaders and managers? Substantiate your arguments with material from the House & Aditya article or other articles on the topic. There is certainly a difference between leadership and management, in that the latter entails the effective supervision of subordinates with the goal of meeting external organizational goals. Leadership, on the other hand, derives from internalizing organizational goals, creating them anew, challenging, or changing them. A leader might serve in a supervisory role, but perhaps for different reasons and different motivations than the manager. Leadership is characterized by the "articulation of an organizational vision, introduction of major organizational change, providing inspiration, and dealing with highly stressful and troublesome aspects of the external environments of organizations," (House & Aditya, 1997, p. 22). Whereas managers carry out the visions of senior executives or visionary leaders, leaders become senior executives and visionary leaders. Leadership and management might even involve "separate processes, but need not involve separate people," (House & Aditya, 1997, p. 23). Managers delegate, and so do leaders. Leaders are "inclined to be personally involved in performing the work of their organization," (p. 3). One of the key distinctions between leaders and managers is, "managers are oriented toward stability and
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