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Defining Marketing Paper Introduction The Department of State and Regional Development defines marketing as "finding out what customers want, then setting out to meet their needs, provided it can be done at a profit. Marketing includes market research, deciding on products and prices, advertising, promoting, distributing and selling" (2006). The Center for Media Literacy defines marketing as "The way in which a product or media text is sold to a target audience" (2003). Marketing is a critical element of the business organization. Marketing is more than simply promoting and selling a product. Successful marketing is satisfying the changing needs of the customer.
The purpose of this paper is to define marketing from at least two
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Another example would be the ongoing competition between cellular companies. Coupled with dynamic technology, wireless carriers need to know where their prospective clientele is located. In other words, a wireless company should not promote their service if the carrier does not have network coverage in the customer 's area. In addition, the company should test their phones to ensure complete handset and network reliability. One of the biggest downfalls a cellular carrier faces is it sells a phone with service to a customer, only to have the customer return irate that there is no network coverage in their house or at their place of business. Although their monthly pricing plan may be the best plan offered, effective marketing knows that companies are not only offering the best price, but the best service as well.
One way to avoid this from happening is by checking the customer 's coverage area prior to the sale of the equipment and service. T-Mobile offers a "Personal Coverage Check" to everyone who walks through the doors of its retail stores. The sales representative will check three locations, usually consisting of his or her home, place of business and one other frequented location. If the service does match the needs of the customer, they will let them know now that maybe T-Mobile 's service will not meet their needs. The effective promoting of this added feature has proven to be quite

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