Define Sexual Harassment As The Term Is Used Legally.

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Sexual Harassment 1. Define sexual harassment as the term is used legally. Sexual harassment is coercion, harassment or compulsion of a sexual nature, or the uninvited or appropriate pledge of remunerations in exchange for sexual favors (Palaudi et al 1991). 2. Explain how sexual harassment differs from gender discrimination. Sex discrimination means when an individual or people are handled unduly exclusively on the basis of their biological sex (Divido et al 2001). Examples of bigoted remarks and behaviors comprise employers: Inquiring if the candidate is married or plans on having children; Making a remark to an employee "PMS"ing; Saying that a woman should be more feminine and wear makeup; Calling an effeminate male to act more manly Refusing to hire a male in a "female's job" and vice versa; 3. Provide the legal definition of "quid pro quo" (also known as "vicarious liability") sexual harassment. Provide one example of a behavior which could be found to be quid pro quo sexual harassment. In legal practice, quid pro quo point to a service that has been exchanged in return for something of value generally when the modesty the transaction is in question. Quid pro quo harassment takes place when employment or academic pronouncements or prospects are dependent on an employee or student's compliance to or refusal of sexual advances, demands for sexual favors, or other sexually motivated behaviors (MacKinnon 1987). These cases entail substantial acts that

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