Define State Consciousness And The Phenomenal Aspect Of Conscious

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Define state consciousness and the phenomenal aspect of conscious (When we say a mental state is state conscious we mean to identify not only that there is a relational property that we attribute to that mental state, namely, state consciousness, but also that there is something it’s like, an affiliated phenomenal character, for the bearer of that state.)
MAKE SURE YOU PROPERLY TIE IN HOW PHENOMENAL ASPECT LINKS IN AND HOW IT LINKS IN WITH STATE CONSCIOUS, that they actually link in there’s just two aspects to the one consciousness. Something like this essay will take for granted that the what-it-is-like part of consciousness exists.
When a mental state is conscious, we are conscious of being in that state; so the content of our HOT must be, roughly, that one is in that very state (Rosenthal the hypothesis)
Firstly, I’d like to define, via Rosenthal, the phenomenal aspect that accompanies a state conscious mental state. In some of his work (see Rosenthal, 2004) restricts the definition so that the phenomenal aspect associated with state consciousness is only associated with state conscious sensations. However, he less restrictedly says (Rosenthal, 2011 p 421) that “a state’s being conscious is a matter of mental appearance – of how one’s mental life appears to one” and that “a state is conscious only if one is subjectively aware of oneself as being in that state” which does not require for the phenomenal aspect to only be associated with sensations, and may also, as Lurz…
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