Define Terrorism And Just War

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Part A. Defining Terrorism and Just War
Global definitions of terrorism are presented in the background reading. What would you propose as a global definition of terrorism?
The challenges experienced at the international level with regard to arriving at a consensus about the definition of terrorism are based on the fact that the term raises political and emotional tensions. However, the international community through the United Nations has embraced various sectorial conventions that describe and criminalize several types of terrorist activities. Moreover, the general assembly of the UN has spoken against terrorist activities through diverse political definitions of terrorism. They have been described as criminal activities geared or measured
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According to the just war theory, there is a clear separation between what is considered a just war (Jus ad Bellum) and if the war is conducted in a justified manner (jus in Bello). According to the just war theory, certain principles govern what should be considered permissible in war. In relation to assessing the ISIS intervention, there two principles considered that include its proportionality and the immunity of non-combatants (Bellamy, 2008). In this regard, the first principle implies that the means of the war should be equivalent to the end. Therefore, soldiers are required to strive for victory, but not at the expense of other considerations. The military should not employ tactics that would entrench long-lasting hatred and extend the period of the war beyond the necessary limits such as executing prisoners of war. This is closely associated with the second principle of non-combatant immunity that applies to prisoners of war and civilians (Blunt, 2014; Sharp & Jefferis,…show more content…
During the 25th of June 1996, a group of Saudi Hizballah conducted a terrorist attack targeting American interests at the Khobar Towers in Dhahran, killing 19 American servicemen and a Saudi national. Additionally, more than 372 people of different nationalities were injured. He was indicted in Virginia on numerous charges in relation to the 1996 events. The Ft Hood shooter identified as Nidal Malik Hassan does not fit with the conventional terrorist profiles. Even though he had exhibited numerous instances of opposition to the wars America was participating, he did not have a motive of causing mass fear as described in the terrorism definition. Hasan was experiencing personal challenges between his role in preparing soldiers for combat and his Islamic religion, bearing in mind that they were fighting against
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