Define the Manager Terrain

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In short, this unit: • differentiates the symbolic from the omnipotent view of management; describes and explains an organization’s environment, social responsibility and managerial ethics, organizational and national culture and the impact on managers; articulates and explains the decision-making process and the limits to rationality in the real-life decision-making process; identifies various decision-making styles and biases and errors, two types of decision problems, two types of decisions and three decision conditions; and • • • 2 MGT B240 Principles and Practices of Management • identifies the advantages and disadvantages of group decisions and describes four techniques for improving group decision making. At the end of each section, you will find a self-test that helps you to evaluate your understanding of what has been discussed. You should complete these self-tests before looking for answers at the end of this unit. If your answers to any questions are wrong, you should re-read the relevant pages and make sure you understand why you are wrong. In this unit, you are required to complete a tutor-marked assignment. Make sure you have budgeted sufficient time to complete the assignment and hand it in to your tutor before the cut-off date. This unit has been designed to require 40 hours of study. The actual
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