Defining Abnormality

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Defining Abnormality Paper
Sabrina Koppen
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Robert Irizarry
PSY 410 Abnormal Psychology
August 11, 2008

Defining Abnormality Paper As William is walking down the street he notices a young woman walking toward him having a full conversation. Technology, Bill thought to himself, thinking that the young woman has one of those blue tooth ear pieces in her ear. Once Bill is close enough to get a clear view he realizes that the young woman is not on the phone but indeed talking to herself. Bill then thinks to himself “that was abnormal.” Abnormal psychology simply defined is behavior that is other than normal. However, other factors have to be taken into account before an individual is categorized as abnormal;
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Both men and women go through these stages while aging. Physically, women go through menopause; men can experience “andropause”, which is a gradual decline in testosterone. Most biological systems are in a state of decline during 50 years old and beyond; however, it has been shown that the possibility of growing new brain cells can exist in people who are well into their 80s and 90s (Coon, 2004). The best way to age appears to hinge on some time-honored factors: don’t smoke, eat healthily and exercise throughout life, remain married (married people are reportedly happier than unmarried people) and have a positive outlook on life with a healthy acceptance of the eventual end of that life (Coon, 2004).
Most of the problems older people have are due to weakened immune functioning or brain deterioration; warding off factors such as disease, loss of mental functioning and acuity, memory loss, and physical impairment depend on the individual’s genetic history and state of mind. Both can either become a hindrance or an asset to remaining healthy and functioning in one’s twilight years. The greatest of these degenerative brain diseases is the commonly known Alzheimer’s disease (Meyer, 2005). This disease affects thinking, mood, and motor skills negatively. It also can be called dementia or senility and is growing more common among American adults. A person with Alzheimer’s can have serious memory lapses, forget the meaning of certain commonly used words,
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