Defining Autism and Music Therapy

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Introduction In many parts of the world Autism is a very common disease especially in countries like United Kingdom and North America. Given below are some of the ratios of this disease in different countries: In United Kingdom: the ratio is 1 in 167 on average (Norris et al., 2006) In Canada: the ratio is 1 in 147 on average (Norris et al., 2006) In India: the ratio is 1 in 250 on average (Autism Society, 2011) In United States: the ratio is 1 in 110 on average (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 31 March 2011) In China: the ratio is 1.1 in 1,000 on average (Autism Society, 2011 In Mexico: the ratio is 6 in 1,000 on average (Autism Society, 2011) There is a huge variation in the rates of this disease from one country to another. However, it is very difficult to actually find out if this difference is actually because of the difference in the rates of the autism or because of the different methods through which this disease is diagnosed, for example, it has been noted that some of the countries such as United States has a comparatively wider range of diagnosing autism in such a way that they may include the Asperger's Syndrome in the autism as well where as some countries might diagnose it when there is a very clear and obvious case of autism, because of this difference in measuring the ratio of the occurrence of autism the results can vary greatly (Copley, 2011). The main characteristics of autism and the disorders of similar kinds are: Lack of
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