Defining Class And Social Structure Of Social Class

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Defining Class is hard to do as there are many different approaches to defining class one can take. We can look at class as a subjective location, “how do people, individually and collectively, locate themselves and others within a social structure of inequality?” Or we could define class as the relational explanation of economic life chance “What explains inequalities in economically-defined life chances and material standards of living of individuals and families?” The challenging nature of class in contemporary society comes from the fact that there has never been an academic consensus the definition of class (due to the fact that class in its very nature is an abstract and subjective term). However, this essay will argue that class is an amalgamation of how individuals and the collective locate themselves, and the relational explanation of economic life chance as well as policy and politics. This is done using Weberian and Marxian definitions of social class and exploring the role of power and power relations in creating a class society. Exploring the similarities as well as differences between the definitions of class presented by Karl Marx and Max Weber; in order to inform the approach this essay will be taking in discussing whether or not ours is a class society.
By our society this essay will be referring to modern western society, specifically focusing on Great Britain. Looking at the contemporary examples of class using examples from politics and policy, the…
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