Defining Cross Cultural Psychology

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Cross-Cultural Psychology Stephanie Sorrell Psychology 450 February 24, 2014 Dr. Jenne Meyer Cross-Cultural Psychology Introduction Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior. There are many different branches and fields of psychology. The field of psychology that will be discussed within this paper is called cross-cultural psychology. Cultural psychology will also be discussed. To begin these types of psychology will be defined and the so the differences and similarities between the two will also be discussed. In order to fully grasp an understanding of cultural and cross-cultural psychology, the role of critical thinking within this scientific study as well as the methodology used in this field of psychology will also…show more content…
For the most part, cultures have more freedom than they had back when cross-cultural psychology first became a scientific study. Cultures are mixing together more and more as humans become more interested in living outside of what they are use to or have always done (Johannson, 2013). The freedom to mix in this nature opens the door for what use to be considered cultural norms to create new cultural norms. Critical Thinking and Methodology in Cross-Cultural Psychology As stated earlier, cross-cultural psychology is the scientific comparison of two completely different cultures. In order to compare two or more things with one another, one must possess a certain set of critical thinking skills (Shiraev & Levy, 2010). Therefore, the ability to think critically is necessary in order to do any type of research in cross-cultural psychology. Many of the questions that research in cross-cultural psychology tries to answer include such things like how different cultures or people within that culture react to similar situations (Shiraev & Levy, 2010). An example would be when an earthquake has hit certain cultures. If we were to look at how people in California handle or react to earthquakes and then look at how the people of Haiti react to an earthquake, we would find out how differently these cultures react to the same devastation.
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