Defining Culture Essay

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Defining Culture
Q1. Explain the difference between surface culture and deep culture. Give examples from your own culture. Which do you think is more challenging to cope with as a foreigner? Why?
Surface culture is essentially the cultural norms you can easily identify in a foreign country such as food and dressing. On the other hand, deep culture are the cultural norms that are not easily detected unless, you are born and raised in that specific culture, or you spend an extended amount of time in the foreign culture. Examples of deep culture would be rules, attitudes and feelings that are passed down from generation to generation.
In my culture, the right hand is preferred for most of the social exchanges like shaking hands,
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We are taught from young to never transgress another person’s queue and to always respect their personal space while queuing.
However, if I were to stay in this culture that does not observe the queue system, I will definitely have to learn to be less defensive of my queue and practise more tolerance to their local behaviour as long as it does not violate my basic ethics. I have to discard the ethnocentric notion that only my cultural standard for behaviour is the best, and I should not pass any judgements as there will inevitably be differences between my vision and those that I meet in my new surroundings.
Q3. What do you think will be the greatest benefit for you living and teaching in another culture? What will be the greatest difficulty? How will this be important in your life after returning home? (If you have already taught in another culture, what have been the greatest benefits and challenges for you?)
The benefits of teaching abroad are numerous and often highly personal, because people choose to teach abroad for many different reasons. In my opinion, the main benefits of teaching abroad are the opportunities to immerse myself in different cultures, learn new languages, get paid to travel, exchange cross-cultural ideas and experience professional success.
The greatest difficulty for me would be to learn how to manage my own nuclear family without the physical support of my extended family. Being in a foreign country will
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