Defining Deviance

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Defining Deviance
Deviance- doing something different from the normal

Sociological Perspectives on Deviance
Formal Deviance- breaking a law or rule example: crime
Informal Deviance- doing something different from the customary
Social groups create deviance by applying rules to certain people, making them “outsiders”
Behavior that is deviant or normal depending on the situation
Deviance stabilizes society
Durkheim thinks that societies use deviance to create and point out the standard norms

The Medicalization of Deviance
Medicalization of Deviance- illness explaining someone’s deviant behavior example: alcoholism

Functionalist Theories of Deviance
There would be no norms without defiance
Deviance is necessary to clarify what
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Index Crimes-the FBI 's tallying of violent crimes of murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault, plus property crimes
Personal Crimes-violent or nonviolent crimes directed against people example: murder, aggravated assault, forcible rape, robbery most frequent of the 4 is aggravated assault
Hate Crimes- crimes committed because of a bias opinion.
Property Crimes-crimes involving they of or harm to property without bodily harm to the victims example: burglary
Property crime is the most frequent criminal infraction
Victimless Crimes- Crime committed against the law without a victim example: illegal drug use, gambling, prostitution
White-Collar Crime- breaking the law when working and usually of high social status
Ponzi Scheme-a criminal method of using new investors ' funds to pa off original investors under the guise that the funds are being legitimately invested in stocks and bonds
Madoff was behind the largest Ponzi Scheme ever perpetrated in the U.S.
He processed over 55 billion over the years and is now behind bars for the
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