Defining Domestic Service And Workers

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The term ‘domestic service’ is difficult to define, as the duties of the domestic workers are not so well-defined. In common discourse, the term is defined as a person who is employed.

On a part-time or full-time base in domestic service, in the benefit for return payable in cash or kind, for a fixed period. The terms of employment may be expressed or This define, which is based on the task featured, is the most Generally accepted one worldwide. It, hence, does not undertake the place of work which is largely individual households even though domestic work occupies place generally in households or homes, such services could also occupy in state /institutions’ other requirement residence shelter. Internationally, countries distinguish in the definition of domestic workers, with few countries selection data on domestic workers
(The Indian Journal of Labour Economics 2009)

The ILO’s International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO) consider domestic work below two broad classification groupings (groupings 5 and 9) and know associated tasks Classification says occupational institutes, institutions and private households it covers Two key class: Housekeeping (minor group 512), which includes housekeepers and belonging workers and cooks and personal care and related workers, together childcare workers and home-based personal care workers (minor group 513).

Classification 913 speaks especially of “domestic and related helpers,
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