Defining Family and a Personal Reflection

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In this discussion, I will be explaining how I define family. I will also include my immediate and extended family. I will also describe what family means to me, how mine differs from other families in my neighborhood, and also how they are similar. I will also describe my family’s ethnicity and how it may affect any of my family’s health. To me, family is a group of people that are brought together by blood, adoption, or marriage. I also believe that people do not have to be blood-related to be considered a family. If two or more people have a connection with one another where they can rely and depend on each other and have an emotional attachment, I also believe that to be considered family. Golics, Azam, Finlay, & Salek (2010), …show more content…
In my extended family, my mother has a sister and a brother. My mother’s parents are both still alive. My father has fourteen siblings and both of his parents are also still alive. Of my dad’s sibling they all have children and someone even have great-grandkids, so my extended family is rather large. Two ways that my family is similar to other families in my area is our upbringing and making time for one another. My family grew up together living on a farm along with many other families in our area living on farms as well. I believe it has made my family develop a stronger bond working together quite often. My grandparents on my father’s side grew up farming as well and my father followed in their footsteps, which is what my two older brothers are doing as well. We also make time for one another by taking time from one our lives to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and personal achievements together. We also take vacations together whenever possible. Other families in our area celebrate holidays and vacation together as families as well. Two ways that my family is different from others is that my family has stayed pretty traditional as far as our roots, not that we are opposed to otherwise. My family has no same-sex relationships, we are all of Catholic religion of the same ethnicity, nor has my family ever adopted a child before. Another way my family is different is by how large my extended family is. The Catholic families in the

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