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There are millions of words across the globe that are used to describe people and uncover their identity, but what is identity? How can you begin to describe something that varies so greatly from one human being to another? Can you create a universal meaning for a word describing human concepts that people often fail to define for themselves? Of course there isn't one definition to define such a word. It is an intricate aspect of human nature, and it has a definition just as complex. Webster's dictionary describes identity as sameness of essential character, individuality, or the fact of being the same person as one claims to be. So your identity can include your name, your age, your job title, or simply characteristics of your…show more content…
Everyone has heard that it is who you are on the inside that counts. This part of your identity is what makes a person truly unique. It is true that someone can have the same name, be the same age, or have the same job as you. So your identities would seem very similar. It is possible for two people from the same place that share such numerous interests to believe that they are one and the same. That is until you take a closer look and examine the person?s thought and feelings. No two people are exactly alike. Our identities spawn individuality. Therefore, your identity also shows what kind of person you are beneath the skin. It is a picture of how your view your self and your purpose in the world. Since identity is so often built from fads, it is a reflection of culture. People want to be like what they see on television and hear on the radio. So people mold themselves to be like the idols they are so infatuated with. It?s always about what?s popular, and by looking at a large group you can tell what that is at any given time, because people like to connect their identities with one another. It creates a sense of belonging and acceptance that humans need in order to feel like they fit into society. People have to be able to bond with one another. Having a vastly different identity makes you an outcast, and no one wants to know how it feels to be the loner. So people alter themselves to ensure that they will
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