Defining Learning and Growth Objectives for Walmart

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The company's core strengths in logistics, supply chain management, warehouse management and the unique approach to using supercenters as distribution locations have combined to create a formidable competitive advantage (WalMart Investor Relations, 2013). For Walmart to continually improve, top performing employees in each of their key functional areas need to be retained, continually trained and given ample learning and growth opportunities. The highest performing employees in any enterprise are engaged and motivated to improve themselves while at the same time gaining greater expertise and mastery of their jobs (Rodriguez, 2005). Walmart can retain its highest performers in each area of their business, especially those highly valuable areas of logistics, supply chain management and warehouse management by concentrating on growth and learning objectives that give these valuable employees a chance to attain mastery and purpose in their work. Infusing learning and growth throughout their base of employees is already creating a formidable competitive advantage of the company (Zhu, Singh, Manuszak, 2009). Continually investing in learning and growth strategies will lead to even greater levels of competitive insights and intelligence, also serving to accelerate the…
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