Defining Marketing Paper

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Marketing Marketing is in a part of everyone’s daily lives. We see it the moment we turn on the television, when we go to the grocery store, and even at our jobs. When I think about marketing, I think about all of my favorite restaurants, places to go, favorite clothing brands, and shoes. All of my favorite things come to mind when we discuss the concept of marketing. When I think about marketing, I think of all of the companies that produce my favorite things. Marketing campaigns are those people who work on making the products, finding defects and making improvements, innovating and designing. I also believe that those people are interested customer satisfaction. Those people influence me to keep buying my favorite things.…show more content…
Recently Pizza Hut announced to the public the ‘Virtual Waiter’ technology. This online ordering is designed to enhance customer experience. The “virtual waiter” technology gather data from millions of online orders and suggests menu items that best match customers’ orders. Recent statistics show that online ordering is definitely heating up (, 2008). This is a good example of how marketing can make a company successful. Earlier this year, Pizza Hut introduced Total Mobil Access, making the chain the first nationwide to offer ordering via both text messages and mobile web. Thousands of customers have learned it just takes a couple of clicks of your keypad to place your favorite order when you are on the go (, 2008). References Perreault, W.D. & McCarthy, E.J. (2004). Basic Marketing: A Global-Managerial Approach (15th ed). Chapter 1: Marketing’s Value to Consumer, Firms, and Society. The McGraw-Hill Companies. Friedman, E. (2007). Companies That Go Green Really Help. Retrieved on May 13, 2008 From, (2008). Sales and Marketing. Retrieved on May 13, 2008 from, (2008). Newsroom Press Releases. Retrieved on May 13, 2008 from,

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