Defining Masculinity And Femininity Through Advertisements

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Today the media has a way of defining masculinity and femininity through advertisements. Different advertisements have different ways of defining masculinity and femininity. In an Emporio Armani Diamonds Fragrance advertisement, it advertises vivid visual elements to convey the idea that masculinity means being, desirable, handsome, over-confident, powerful and extremely wealthy. The definition of the Emporio Diamond add is achieved through the uses of stunning models, facial expressions, body language and the setting.
The use of stunning models immediately attracts the audience’s attention. The first thing you see is four extraordinarily attractive human beings, one being a man, three being women. The women’s hands are all over the man,
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They are all looking at him as if they want him and only him. Their eyes are on him looking up and down his entire body, analyzing him, and being extremely satisfied with what they see. Just by walking by, this man is so intriguing to them and is so fascinating; he is receiving all of the attention from all the three of the women. He is looking right into the camera with his mouth open, as if he is taking a substantially large sigh of relief, walking through the crowd. He looks relatively bothered by these unbelievable dazzling women and just wants to pass by without being disturbed. The visual effects of the models facial expressions bring masculine power to the man, portraying his control over the women. He has no care in the world for these women and is acting as if he is almost too good for them, when any man would love to be in his shoes.
The body languages of the models have an all around feel of sexuality through out the advertisement. Each of the women are throwing their body’s onto the man. They all have their hands on him, grabbing his clothing, trying to pull him in all different directions. He is pulling away from the women trying to move forward almost as if he is ignoring them and is acting like he wants nothing to do with them. All women want what they cannot have, and his over-confidence is very sexy to them. The women look mesmerized by the man, and look like they will stop at
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