Defining Nosql Database And Its Classification

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The rapid growth in the world of technology has influenced the way we communicate, shop, learn, and share information. The development of technology led database analysts and administrators to find more convenient ways to store the big amount of data. Big data is known as expression in the tech-world. It is defined as a huge collection of data that cannot be managed by relational databases (Moniruzzaman and Hossain 1). So, developers start to use non-relational databases (NoSQL) to arrange and store the Big data. In order to understand how developers solve the storing issue of the big amount of data and provide systems that can sync data between multiple devices, we need to start with a brief background of NoSQL databases to understand Couchbase system. The purpose of this paper is to define NoSQL database, compare it with SQL database, define Couchbase and describe how Couchbase is synchronizing data between multiple devices, especially Couchbase Mobile.
The outline of this paper consists of the following sections. Section 1 introduces NoSQL database and its classifications. Section 2 gives a brief comparison between NoSQL database and SQL database. Section 3 explains document oriented databases. Section 4 defines Couchbase. Section 5 describes Couchbase Mobile and provides an example of its use in synchronizing data between multiple mobile devices.
Definition of NoSQL Databases
NoSQL databases are defined as non-relational data management systems that is…
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