Essay about Defining Politics

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Defining Politics Politics is the collective name given to many different systems, ideas and real world issues. It is impossible to define politics as any one thing in particular, but as a label for many different aspects of life encompassed into one. Politics is largely about decision making, Politicians dispute on a regular basis about pending decisions to be made. Decisions to be made, of course vary in size and some are obviously much more important than others. Nevertheless, politics nearly always sets-out to make decisions in the best ways irrespective of how big or small they may be. Groups of…show more content…
Politics strives to reduce this conflict and keep it to a minimum. Politics is responsible for taking all views into consideration and reaching a consensus - something all people involved can agree on to a certain extent. Politics also goes hand in hand with the concept of power. Power, in any form of politics is of utmost importance, without power, politicians wouldn't be able to enforce rulings on a population. Power concerns being able to get others to do/act as other people would like them to. Power can be enforced in a number of different ways, power, of course cannot be assumed unless the people with power have something strong to back up their rulings. Sometimes, force is used to provoke obedience (coercion), while a legitimate government will often not need to resort to means of force. People are likely to comply with the law simply because they believe the government to be making the correct decisions. Coercion and legitimacy work in tandem to maintain obedience. Politics concerns people, people's involvement in politics is key in running an efficient political system. Voting is possibly the most important aspect of political activity. Elections are held in which people vote for their preferred political party, while referendums also play a key part in making major political decisions. Political involvement doesn't stop with voting. Pressure Groups can be joined in
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