Defining Roles And Responsibilities Of The Community Organization Project

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Defining Member Roles and Responsibilities The community organization project our research team chose was LRADAC. The process of researching background information about the organization went well. Each team member contributed to finding background information about LRADAC. Our project manager, Allison Atkins, met with our research team at the beginning of the semester. We all chose Courtney to be the liaison between Ms. Atkins and the group. Ms.Atkins stated, she had high expectations for the group and she was willing to meet with us during the project. Initially there were not distinct roles for each group member. Everyone’s role became more defined when it was time to write the group papers. We all met as a group to choose the part of the paper we wanted to write. However, if a person was not in class when the parts were chosen they were assigned the remaining parts. The responsibilities of each research team member was not explicitly stated. I had high expectations for my group. Since we were in a masters level program, I expected everyone’s part of our paper to be turned in at the time we agreed and a great representation of masters level writing. Whenever there was not a person holding up their portion of the paper I did reach out to them, through text messaging, email and groupme to first make sure they were ok and secondly make sure they were going to do their part of the paper. During this community organization project, I felt as though I babysat more often
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