Defining Service Quality Of The Healthcare Industry Essay

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I. DEFINING SERVICE QUALITY The healthcare industry is considered as one of the world’s largest service industry. Healthcare is a basic right and nowadays there is an increase in awareness among people about their rights because of media exposure and higher literacy rate. This awareness among patients or consumers pushes the healthcare providers to deliver quality health services. But how do we know if we are providing service with quality? It is one of the most difficult thing to measure especially when consumers all have different perceptions about service quality and mostly because services are intangible. Schneider and Bowen said that services yield psychological experiences more than they yield physical possessions (Benjamin Schneider, 1995). Quality on the other hand was defined by the South Carolina Hospital Association as doing the right thing at the right time, in the right way, for the right person and having the best possible results (, 2007) Historically, orthopaedic services has been one of the most time consuming services in healthcare. The rehabilitation takes a long time and is also one of the most susceptible to post-surgical infection and falls. Patient falls remain the most common of the adverse events reported in acute care facilities and result in morbidity, mortality and fallophobia-the prolonged fear of falling again (Ann L. Hendrich, 2003). My chosen unit is the orthopaedic ward of the Auckland City hospital which defines service
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