Defining Social Work For A Field Of Expertise

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Defining Social Work

When working in a field of expertise the experts in that field need to know what defines the field. Social work, with its roots over a hundred years old, started out simply offering assistance to others has grown, changed, and is currently reconnecting with its roots (Bisman, 2004). Bisman (2004) emphasizes the importance of being an advocator of justice and keeping the field focused on the “social” part of social work. This push to keep social work focused on the needs of others defines social work today. Social work focuses on providing aide to the needy and lifting up those that are oppressed. The National Association of Social Work (NASW) has identified a set of values that all social workers (NASW, 2008). Social work values are broadly covered when you define social work as being a profession of aiding those in need and addressing oppression. Helping those in need directly relates to the values of addressing needs of others. The definition also addresses the importance of addressing oppression. This relates to the values of addressing injustice, individuality and promoting harmony. On a broader perspective, all social workers are encouraged to continually pursue knowledge in their area and maintain ethical practices. Values have the purpose of ensuring that helpers always strive for what is best for the client. Manning (1997) points out that “the power to intervene in people’s lives carries with it unique responsibilities to society that are…
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