Defining Sustainability : A World With Information Just A Keystroke Away

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Corson Kerbs
Comp II
Jim Buchhorn
November 21, 2013
Defining Sustainability In a world with information just a keystroke away literally at the fingertips of anyone interested it’s easy to get overwhelmed and in some cases get confused or even misled. With the aid of biotechnology, todays agricultural producers are able to increase yields through pest resistant crops. Biotechnology in agriculture, or more specifically transgenic crops are produced when a specific gene within the plant (in some cases animal) is turned on or off within the respective organism in order to garner the desired result; this often includes anything from pest or drought resistance in crops, to longer growing seasons for salmon. Essentially Agricultural Engineering is the manipulation of farm power and farm machinery for production of crop and animals (Mada). Yet, the idea of changing the genetics of plants or animals to increase their productivity started with the first attempts of farming crops for food; this idea all stems from the idea of sustainability. Whether they label it or not farmers and ranchers are all striving to care for their land and keep their legacy going for future generations. Farmers and ranchers alike understand and respect what nature has given them and they do the best they can to keep their land in the best shape possible all while providing sustenance for as many as possible. Personally I know this feeling first hand; working with my father and uncle on the same land that my

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