Defining The Constitution Ambit Within India Essay

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INTRODUCTION: To define the constitution ambit within which right to life with human dignity especially right to life-livelihood and holistic approach is sine qua non of the constitutional framework in India. All those things which go all along with the life and make it worth living comes within this. The right to live basically does not mean the bare life as it was said by Georgio Agamben in his HOMO-SACER book, the life is basically full of all those things which makes life worth living and it includes the health aspect, the societal values in the status particularly in the norms within the society; in all those things which make the life with dignity; hence it is not animal life but a political one. Supreme Court in many judgments held that the life is not bare life devoid of all things in society rather it includes the basic values which makes life worth living. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “According to me, the economic constitution of India, and for the matter of that of the world, should be such that no one under it should suffer from want of food and clothing. In other words, everybody should be able to get sufficient work to enable him to make the two ends meet. And, this ideal can be universally realized only if the means of production of elementary necessaries of life remain under the control of the masses. These should be freely available to all as God 's air and water are, or ought to be; they should not be made a vehicle of traffic for the exploitation of
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