Defining The Impact On The Modern Army Today

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SFC Calvin L. Burks
Class 15-005
SFC Anthony L. Garcia

Understanding and defining the impact on the modern Army today by the 442nd Infantry Regiment during WWII, is evident by their unique formation that stood out amongst organizations during that period. While trying to compare the differences in social acceptance from a unit composed almost entirely of Soldiers of Japanese ancestry, you must first understand the period in which this unit left its legacy. During one of the most controversial times in the history of diplomatic relations, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 without any formal announcement of war. Although the transmissions from Japan were decoded, the actual declaration of war did not reach the United States until the following day. Unknown to many Americans that the so-called peace talks were already nearing the end of negotiations, Americans lost trust in the Japanese-Americans and immediately labeled them traitors and rejected them from their communities; this was primarily so on the west coast. The repercussions of this event in the United States were immediate. According to the Library of Congress, within a three-year period, thousands of Japanese-Americans regardless of their citizenship were required to abandon their homes and businesses and move to isolated war relocation and internment camps run by the United States government. President Roosevelt signed and issued
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