Defining The Recruiting Coordinator By Designated Due Date Essay

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Role: Solution Architect Directions: Please answer the following questions in this Word document and send to the Recruiting Coordinator by designated due date. 1. Please describe a situation where you delivered an analytics solution for a client. What was the situation and how did you solve for it? Ascension Health is a faith-based healthcare organization with over 1900 sites of care, including 130 hospitals, located mainly in the southern United States. The initial conversation was prompted by Ascension’s interest in web and campaign strategy services. Ascension wanted to transition to a value-based care marketing model, but their biggest challenge was understanding their customers. I knew they lacked an electronic medical records system (EMRs), so we would only have CRM data. However, there is a wealth of data available in web analytics solutions and on social media. I proposed combining behavioral data (system, transactional, website) with direct data (social, wearables, IoT) to create a robust customer profile. 2. Outline the process and deliverable(s) you created to solve for your client needs. The statement of work spanned across multiple services teams. I worked closely with the project manager, social listening, and campaign teams to develop a multi-phased project. I joined the conversation with Ascension when the Dell campaign team identified they needed assistance with marketing analytics. Dell was proposing campaign strategy services, but Ascension had

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