Defining The Value Of Added Services

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Defining the Value of Added Services Delivering the quality of service pertaining to healthcare has been a challenge in the medical profession, when promoting the level of “value,” in the new century (Burns, Bradley, & Weiner, 2012, p. 4). Value is based on the quality of additional features (2012), or the desire of a customer and the services that are provided by the cost or price. As a result, the features of quality or patient services can be relative at a lower cost or price to other investors (Burns, Bradley, & Weiner, 2012, p. 4). Understanding the complexity of value, or added services to patient care, is imperative to the success of an organization meeting their goals and objectives (Abubakar, 2014). In order for Paradise…show more content…
4). In health systems, researchers have questioned these goals as being slightly attainable and referred as the “iron triangle,” according to Burns, Bradley, and Weiner (2012, p. 4). Some of the possible reasons for skepticism in regards to reforming healthcare are affiliated with access, cost, and providing quality in a patient care setting. Health system planners realize that we are only allowed to gauge in two of the three, in order to optimize project management successfully, if there are limited resources involved (Sidorov, 2014). We will go further in depth to explain the importance and significance of these analogies. Why do we want to decrease cost? In essence, the quality in patient care and services is either going to increase, or the access to patient services will decrease (2014 a). Why do we want to increase our access in products and services? Physicians and other members of the hospital faculty are becoming less involved with patient care; therefore, the quality is going to continue to suffer. Otherwise, the cost of care is going to increase, simply because staffing is under strength and will require more hiring, training, and building a stronger infrastructure, all of which cost money (2014 b). It is pertinent to understand why the word “quality” important and what makes it relevant to patient care and service. One can imagine that the innovation in technology is expanding faster than the
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