Defining Underachievement

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Under-achievement is a threatening position to educators and can be a disruptive force throughout education systems. The idea of under-achievement suggests that the systems is at fault because students do not reach their potential under the guidance of that system. The purpose of this essay is to analyze the idea or terminology of under-achievement in the context of my specific teaching scenario. I will present my argument by first, introducing literature that has been specifically enlightening towards the subject. This essay will then highlight my personal experiences with this phenomenon in my own class room and how certain experiences have helped me define what under-achievement actually is and can help me recognize its features in the future. Lastly, this essay will offer some guidelines in fixing the problems that will be indentified in examining under-achievement, and focus on strategies that may be useful in improving this particular area of education and learning.

Defining Under-Achievement Under-achievement is a difficult idea to grasp in its entirety due to its reliance on forecasted expectations. It is important to realize that educators are not prophets and cannot successfully predict the academic success of students based on past performance. Although we cannot fully capture, qualitatively what under achievement really consists of, this idea is better understood in a subjective manner. Reiss (2009) suggested that there are six motives that can identify
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