Defining Virtue in Socrates' Meno Written by Plato

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First these are virtues because virtues are qualities that define good and bad behavior. Courage is a good quality because it takes courage to deal with different situations and ordeals encountered on a daily basis. Courage is needed also to stand for what is morally correct in spite of being mistreated or ostracized due to the opposing opinions from people. For example if an unauthorized copy of an exam is given to me from another classmate, instead of using it I should refuse to receive it from the student and consult the instructor, even if not to let him or her know who the violator is but to alert them to the occurrence so that the test may be revised. This could mean that I maybe frowned upon by other classmates. However, this is where courage to do what is right is being demonstrated.
Courage is also needed in the workplace. Because of courage I can take a stand on my job when my co workers are cutting corners, and not following proper procedures and guidelines. Demonstrating courage allows me to do what is morally and ethically right regardless of the outcome. In spite of adversities I am still able to make good sound decisions that will allow me to have inner peace.
Temperance is also a quality identified in Meno’s definition of virtue. Temperance is considered an action of self control that is needed in our daily lives. Another…

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