Defining and Attaining Success

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Success: A Discussion on Defining and Attaining Success The dictionary defines the word 'success' as "the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted." Yet despite this seemingly clear definition success is different for each person. In fact, the things that some want most, such as money, may not signify successful and happy lives for others, such as those who look for immaterial things to achieve success and happiness. The following paper will thus focus on answering what, exactly, success signifies and how one may know he or she is successful. Success, to me, is defined as being satisfied with three things: family life, career and hobbies. For instance, if one's family life is harmonious, and if one's loved ones are happy, that is a successful endeavor. Despite the fact that one may not be able to control this arena of life very much, it is still important for an individual to function harmoniously and nicely within a family and thereby keep it joyful and pleasant to be in and around. Another step in my three-pronged success approach is the career. Having a workplace in which one loves spending time is invaluable. There are probably millions of people who simply do not like their jobs, so finding a job and pursuing a career that makes one successful financially and emotionally is an admirable goal towards which to strive. Lastly, one must be content with his or her hobbies. In other words, despite a hectic life, finding time for hobbies and making time to
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