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Managing IT Systems, Development in Context The Systems Development Life Cycle methodology is [OR is not] excessively formal and rigid and should be [OR should not be] more flexible and unstructured? Introduction The System Development Life Cycle Methodology is indeed excessively formal and rigid and should be made more flexible and unstructured. This stand is taken to agree with the notion that the system development life cycle model is formal and needs to be made flexible. The position that the System Development Life Cycle methodology is excessively formal and rigid has been taken due to the below reasons. Slow and Cumbersome Procedure: It can be determined that the application of the system development life cycle is…show more content…
This point also justifies why the system is said to be excessively formal. But for its formal nature, it should have been possible to break into a preceding process and easily effect changes. Inability to discover problems during system testing: Subsequent to the fact that changes to preceding processes or stages are barely made possible, it becomes very difficult to trace problems with the system development until the stage of system testing. At the fifth stage of the process where system testing is done, different testing methodologies are available to unravel the bugs that were committed during the previous phases. It is unfortunate that there are no mini-testing stages for each of the phases until the whole process gets to the testing phase. This is because there is an implication that if any faults and problems are detected at the system testing stage, the whole process might have to be repeated. The reason of a possibility of starting the whole process again is that identification of specific cause of problems may even be difficult because a lot might have gone into the construction of the system. Demands excessive documentation: One other point that makes it valid to take the stand that the system development life cycle is too formal and rigid is that upon completion of the system, there is required cumbersome documentation of operations and interface processes for the system.
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