Definition And Categories Of Homelessness

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Definition and Categories of Homelessness
The Early Years
The meaning of homelessness has changed many times in the past years, we have forgotten that casual laborers, vagrants, and the wandering poor were not unseen in early years, whereby homelessness is an uneasy situation in society. According to Shlay & Rossie, (1992), homelessness is an individual without a home or a permanent place, but current perspectives indicate that intermittent homelessness falls into the definition. At the beginning vagrancy focused on skid row with the attention on single room hotels, boarding houses, and cheap places to eat, on the community that attracted transients, though they were not homerless, whereby they had had a place to sleep with an address. “The ‘old homeless’ consisted of somewhat older, unmarried, white men who lived in the ‘skid row’ neighborhoods of large cities.(Hubley, Russell, Palepu, & Hwang, 2014).” Individuals who lived outside of the communities norms was seen as homeless, although they had a sleep and an address. According to Livingston & Miller (2006), the majority of people who are homeless are single men (61%); 15% are single women; 15% are women with children; and 9% are adults with another adult. On the edge of Downtown Los Angeles, is skid row, which was established in the 1900s to help those who came to Los Angeles find work.
Current homeless Today homeless are much more noticeable in society, due to the growth of cities and more people are misplaced,…

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