Definition And Explanation Of The Business Purpose Of An Organization Essay

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Definition and explanation of the business purpose of presentation: 1.1 Establish the business purpose of the presentation. I have to plan a strategic analysis of AIS from my point of view. I have to deliver this presentation to my fellow students and to one member of staff at AIS. I have to show this strategic analysis of AIS with the help of strengths and weakness of AIS that it faces from inside and the opportunities and threats that it faces from outside. I want to include marketing, business planning, business reporting, education and goals of an organization as the business purpose of the organization. Marketing - At present AIS is targeting students mostly from India. We can see Indian students in AIS on a large number. In my view, they have to target other countries as well to get more profit and to increase the marketing. Moreover it will create multicultural environment in AIS. Business planning - Business planning is done by the top managers and the direct marketing managers. It also includes the workers of AIS as well. AIS have to do perfect planning to get good results. Business reporting – In this presentation, I will show how business reporting has done in AIS. Business reporting in AIS is done by campus managers. There are three campuses of AIS that is Auckland, Christchurch and Hastings. The campus manager of Auckland is Vijender Naresh and campus manager of Hastings is Hardeep Singh. They all link with owners for the reporting. The business reporting has
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